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VMG, LLC is a manager of assets for Strategia Investors, Inc. (SII),
an SPV wholly owned by a private Kuwait investment group.


We Excel in Turbulent Markets. For example ’05, ’06, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’20  “Focus Fund” Strategy is focused, liquid, hedged, growth-oriented with controlled Risk
+15.5% June   +2.7% July +3.2% Aug                     + 13.82%   YTD Sep 21       gross   

compare:   Warren Buffet Berkshire Hathaway    – 8.9% YTD Aug 20

                     HFR Absolute Return Index return      – 0.8% YTD Aug 19



+325%  Our Focus Strategy  vs  +8.75% HFR Absolute Return Index 129 months Mar ’09-Dec ’19       Launched March 31. 2009 when we told clients        March could be the best equity opportunity in a generation. Upon an Extensive analysis of 1929 conditions, we concluded   2008 was quite different.  Recovery could be very rapid. That day we deployed all USD Cash, held since early ’08

We launched on March 31, 2009.              We are always ready to Act when we see Opportunity.

In February 2019, our research concluded …. increase risk control now, Global Equities are too expensive


In November 2019, we reached fully invested, continue overweight Tech, Bought Boeing too early, stoped out, current weighted avg cost $132.99 per share as of June 3, 2020, we expect a 5-year hold horizon.


In April 2020 our research concluded depression risk has passed, more aggressive adds included Airlines. Added Atlas @$25.45,  Barclays ADRS @$4.29   We favor Continued overweight Tech, underweight EM, and now reduced Bonds.  Added certain REITS including the Retail Mall operator Macerich, we began adding in April  @$6.76 (it closed June 3, 2020   @ $11.16 )


In June 2020 we were concerned the Market outpaced reality, just as we expect in all V shape recoveries like 2009.  We protected gains early and finished the month of June +15.4% 

Back to stock picking for July, favoring Banks, and Tech. Covid should spread rapidly among the hoards of protesters in the U.S. so we hope to see further buying opportunities in equities and Real -Estate bonds as we did in April.

In July and August, we continued to protect the portfolio, expecting significant volatility within the next few months.  Cash levels are significant, seeking opportunities in the thinly traded summer days.


Focus Fund Strategy Outperformed Berkshire Hathaway Cl A by +1500 bp   YTD June 3, 2020



consider HFR Absolute Return Index +4.37% YTD December 27, 2019

Focus Fund strategy Return Gross   +11.8% YTD December 31, 2019

Focus Fund Strategy  OUTPERFORMANCE   vs HFR Absolute Return Index since Inception 3/31/09      129 MONTHS in historic, difficult investment periods


VMG, LLC brings the advantages of a U.S. presence to Securities and real-asset investing for primarily institutional investors. The U.S. office moved from California to Westport, CT in 2007 to be closer to investment activity in New York and to more easily connect with clients.

VMG, LLC was founded by Investment professionals who have a top percentile track record in Equities, Fixed Income, HF’s.  Our 25 years in institutional Property and late-stage VC helps us to bring sound expert advice, and more importantly…


Exceptional results in turbulent markets.

like Rising Rates, Economic collapse, Brexit, Civil Turmoil
and Strong rising markets

VMG: velocity made good:
It is not how fast, but rather the velocity “made good” toward Accomplishing   Institutional investor wealth and Income Goals

Nautical principal + investment process + 25 yrs experience = Extraordinary Results
(conventional & alternative investments)

Success investing, trading and Strategic asset allocations:

  • High Grade and Junk Bonds
  • Private Equity shares
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate all four quadrants Direct Property, Securities
  • Global Currencies (non-dollar securities portfolio)
  • Global Equities

we generally avoid frontier markets due to excess risk, unreliable market forces


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